Monday, May 14, 2018

Life Education

Last week Rūma Kererū spent a few hours inside the Life Education van with Carmen. The class learnt about the importance of keeping themselves safe on the internet. Everyone has written their views as to the importance of making the right choice and decisions and how to resist peer pressure. Jake's work is below but check out the individual blogs to read others.


  1. Kia Ora I'm Sapphire from Karoro School. I really like this becouse it says that Spongebob ript his pants and that he had a choise to send it or leave it and took the bad choise. It made me think of if you send it before you do think about it, you will get bullyed about it or not. I think Carmen is quite funny and always enjoy her visits with Harold.

  2. Kia Ora, Ruma Kereru I'm Breanna from Karoro School. I enjoyed how you learnt not to send photos of bad things to friends who might send it to their friends which could lead to bullying. I thought it was funny how Sponge Bob ripped his pants. Maybe next time you could make a slide and explain it a bit more because I thought that small paragraph was quite funny and interesting. It made me think about when our class went to the education truck and Harold told a funny joke.

  3. Kia ora Ruma Kereru, I am Emma from Karoro School.
    I enjoyed the part when you said Sponge Bob ripped his pants ad took a photo.
    It made me think of when my granddad told me about teaching a pupil who's pants had been ripped by a stingrays barb.
    Have you thought about telling me why Sponge Bob ripped his pants, took a photo and sent it to his friends?

  4. Kia ora Roma Kerry. Its Carmen and Harold G Raffe here. It was great for us to read your blog and hear what you had learnt about green orange and red light decisions. There are so many things that influence us in our decision making aren't there!