Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Book Day

22 March 2016

There are all sorts of book characters roaming around in Rūma Tahi this morning! We have been celebrating the opening of the library with a couple of kahoot.it book quizzes and writing to describe our favourite book characters.

Mary Poppins joined in with lessons today.

Pippi Longstockings come to school!

Vicky Wilson left her horse back on the ranch! 
Out of the pages of American Sniper . . . 

Monday, March 21, 2016


21 March 2016

Making Parachutes

As part of our maths and technology learning the class has been learning to design, make and modify parachutes. The next step will be to record the descent times on a table and compare these with other groups. Students need to think about how they will take accurate measurements and ensure that 'flights' are conducted in a fair manner. The photos show the creating stage. The designs were drawn using the Google drawing tool. 

Good use of recycled materials.

Some serious concentration at the create stage!

Jimmy - getting the weight for his parachute prepared.  

Monday, March 7, 2016


7 March 2016 PE

A wet Monday morning saw us move desks in the class to carry on with our Kiwisport lessons.
The focus this term is striking and fielding games. Throwing and catching are the important skills the students have been focusing on. Today we used tennis balls.

Swimming Sports

7 March 2016

Last week Rooms 1 and 2 headed to the town pool to compete in the senior school swimming sports. We had a great crew of parents time us and take the results. Thanks for all your support. In total 14 swimmers qualified for the District Sports to be help March 9th. Look out for more photos!

The keen competitors! 
Waiting for their race.

Half-length backstroke.

Waiting for the starter's whistle. 

Our fantastic timers! 

Jackie did a great job starting all our races - thanks!

 . . . and they're off!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Buddy Interview - Take 2!

3 March 2016

The buddy interviews are almost now completed. We have begun to record these on the i-pad using the Explain Everything app so watch out for the uploads of these very soon. In the meantime enjoy reading about the amazing talents in our class.
Scott is certainly the star of this interview.
Sam - great choice of layout and colours. 

Ruby - thanks for teaching us about Morgan's many talents.

5+ a Day

3 March 2016

Fresh fruit and vegetables were the name of the game at Kaniere on Monday morning as we celebrated healthy eating and 5+ a day. After getting together in house groups for some fun games everyone loaded up their kebab sticks with their own personal selection of goodies.

Tom gave his selection the thumbs up!
Georgia's already got her eye on those yummy strawberries.
 Krista's having fun . . . but as for Mikayla?
Lots of healthy eating in Ruma Tāhi.
Jimmy is keen for a few more bits.

Cameron doesn't look quite so sure about his choice!