Tuesday, June 20, 2017


The class have been busy learning about how fossils help scientists and palaentologists learn about the evolution of modern day animals and plants. Riley has some great information below.


  1. Kia ora Riley,
    Thank you for sharing your learning about fossils. It was very interesting to read how fossils are formed. I liked how to shared through text and through pictures, it makes it very easy to understand. Do you think you would be keen to be a scientist and find out more about history and the past through studying fossils?

  2. Hey There Riley My name Is Johann from Parkestate School From Room 11 and I got hooked on to this post becuase I am Intrested in fossils.
    The first one which was a pirhana It looks really creepy.
    Next Time Can you add some more facts about fossils?

  3. Hi my name is Jody and im from park estate school i really like your fish.and im really interested in your work i really like it.and its really creepy and it really makes me sacred to.

    from Jody

  4. Hi,
    My name is Terina and im from park estate school i really like the fish.I'm really interested in your its really cool and i'm really impressed in the way you did it.

  5. Hi

    My name is Riley and im from park estate school.

    I really like how you put pictures in and showed us some examples.

  6. Kia ora Riley,

    my name is Angel and i'm from parkestate school and i'm really impressed on how you did fossils it really looks cool and i'm really interested on how you did a recycle how they live then they die then desolve it really lookes cool.

    kind regards,


  7. Hi my name is Rhumour
    and I am from park estate I really like how you actually really researched fossils that is amazing. love the examples

  8. Hi My name Is Riley too! Im from Park Estate School.

    I really like how you Showed Some Pictures and Examples About Fossils and I love the writing that you wrote.

    Kind regards


  9. Hi its Rhumour too! im from Park Estate School.
    I really like how you Showed heaps of Examples and Pictures of the
    slideshow And I like you technical vocab. that you've added to you slideshow

    Kind regards

  10. Hi my Name is Nehemiah and i'm from Park Estate School
    I really like how you showed us some examples and picture of the slideshow and I like your Technical Vocab.

  11. hi my name is Carlos i am from room 11 park estate school wow that is amazing i am a big fan of dinosors grate work 😄

  12. Hi my name is Jody and im from park Estate school i might of comment on your blog like last year i think.but i really liked how you done or got it off the google but it's really pretty and how you got your monster and that's scary too.

    kind regards from Jody

  13. Hi my name is Sylvia from Waikowhai primary school. I really liked how you are trying to show everyone what have you learned and show us how to help us with our learning too I really like how you put some photos around the slide so it won't be too boring. I think that it's so amazing that you've found so much information, where did you find them from? And how long has it take you? come check out my blog at http://wpssylviah.blogspot.co.nz/