Friday, December 2, 2016

Statistics Learning

December 2016 Ruma Tahi have been busy learning all about the range of different types of graphs used to display data. Belle's done a great job of showing her understanding of these on her DLO. Well done!


  1. Hi there, my name is Troy and I am a student in room 8 at Waikowhai primary School. I really like maths, especially statistics so... i love this! It made me think of how you have done this work and then blogging it!. Have you thought about making a video of you working it out because i think it will look awesome!? If you would like to see my learning, my blog link is to your right!

  2. Kia ora Belle.R,
    My name is Maddison I'm from Room 11 at Park Estate School. I was impressed by all of the graphs that you named or learnt,because I have never seen anybody name all the graphs there are or they have learnt in one whole slideshow.
    Next time you can impress more people by adding transitions.
    Kind Regards,