Thursday, March 3, 2016

Buddy Interview - Take 2!

3 March 2016

The buddy interviews are almost now completed. We have begun to record these on the i-pad using the Explain Everything app so watch out for the uploads of these very soon. In the meantime enjoy reading about the amazing talents in our class.
Scott is certainly the star of this interview.
Sam - great choice of layout and colours. 

Ruby - thanks for teaching us about Morgan's many talents.


  1. Well Done Sam. That Is A Very Great Interview.


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  3. WOW the buddy interviews are awesome

  4. hashtag,ilovebuddyinterveiws!

  5. Hi y name is Khaya and I think that the buddy writing was so fun. It also helped us know more about the people in our class.

  6. hi my name name is jack from waikowhai primary school and i like how you did the Buddy Interview it is good because you get to know more people in your class.
    bolg you later
    from jack