Monday, February 29, 2016

Rippa Rugby

29 February 2016

Ruma Tahi, along with all the other classes have been really lucky to have Nobby come in to build on our rippa rugby skills over the last two weeks. We've learnt how to pass the ball while moving, move into spaces and how to work as a team. Ka pai Nobby. We hope you can come back again soon!

 . . . and this is how it's done . . .

Cameron running in to rip the tag.

A chance to use those new skills and tips.

Team talk!


  1. Its a very fun way to play rugby. My favorite part was dodging all the people and scoring the tries.

  2. Good to see everyone carefully listening to Nobby👍

  3. fantastic work girls and boys

  4. Hi my name is Micah. I like how you showed pictures of what your playing. And how you told me what you were playing.

  5. HI grace my name is chaniqua and i am from park estate.I like how you show what you did and how you showed your team discussion.